Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Concentration on Beethoven

It must have been five years ago now that I read a statistic stating listening to Beethoven while studying is conducive to concentration and retention of information. God knows, I have no idea where I came across this stuff. I suppose I could Google it now and find something similar. Of course, I believe everything I find when I am surfing the web. I tried it out back then and to tell the truth it seems to work. Lately, I've been having a hard time staying seated at my desk, getting bills paid, getting stories edited, getting things even written for that matter. I want to do these things. I feel better when the bills are paid and stories are churning out of me. I just have no patience to sit and DO those things. Until this weekend.

This weekend I put on Pandora Radio a Beethoven channel. About the time I feel I "should" be sitting down to get things done I pull up Pandora, click on the Beethoven channel and within a few minutes I feel myself drawn to sit down and start typing - typing all sorts of stuff, for god's sake. This has been going for now for three or four days and I'm having a hard time leaving the desk. This is insane!

Turn off the radio!! Turn off the radio!!



  1. If I listened to Beethoven, I'd write just to keep my mind on something other than classical music. I'm a rocker, yanno :-)

  2. Beethoven rocks...that's where it comes from. And Strauss was a naughty minx, truly. Music is just as open about it then as it is now *giggle*.

  3. As a major Beethoven fan, if I pay too much attention to the music I start bangin' my head - the 7th Symphony is basically Slayer for the early 19th century...

  4. Maybe I'll try that. It seems when I start doing anything there are unknown tunes playing in my head. That is not always good. Maybe B would fix my brain.

  5. I have ALWAYS studied with classical music in the background. Gotta watch the crazies from that era but otherwise it certainly helps me with my concentration.

    Strangely enough I listen to old instrumental Jazz when I'm trying to focus on good food/wine and friends...

    Life has a soundtrack. You confirm this to me once again.