Monday, January 18, 2010

Only half crazy

There is a fellow in a nearby department at work that runs marathons, or did anyway. I was told to go talk to him when I admitted at work that I am looking forward to running the half marathon in June here in Seattle. From what I can gather it's been several years (several) since he's run anywhere. But he enjoys the topic and had some interesting perspective to share with me. It seems this fellow spent a lot of time training, untold hours running basically for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He tells me he does not do marathons anymore as he just doesn't have the time to train. I'm beginning to wonder what kind of commitment I'm making here by signing on for a half marathon.

Tomorrow night is the initial meeting at a local runner's store here in North Puget Sound area. I'll be meeting up with teams and trainers is how I understand it. I'll fill in the blanks tomorrow. This co-worker says that now I'm gonna be in training people will start calling me crazy - that's what people do to folks training for marathons. I just want to remind everyone, I've only signed on for the half marathon; I'm only half crazy.


  1. I promise not to start a marathon of crazy jokes and references.

  2. Half crazy aint bad I suppose but personally Id rather be labled completely crazy! Good luck in the marathon!

  3. Very nice Doug, I can't compete with that.