Friday, November 25, 2011

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Amid all the Thanksgiving greetings I received by text yesterday Thing One sent a disheartening text, "I just got pulled over." She was on her way home from catterwalling all night at a friends to pick me up so we could head out together for massive food consumption and football watching at a friends. My brain considered all the options. The truck is registered and insured. She stayed at her friend's last night so as not to drive after drinking - so she must be sober. Maybe the cop pulled her over because she's cute. I dunno. I gave it awhile. Eventually, I texted back..."Everything ok?" Response, "yep, on my way now."

I was using the facilities when she got home. The shouting through the door, "Whatcha get pulled over for?"

"I'll wait for you to come out. You need to read this."


They use pink no-carbon paper for citations in this city. The infraction...driving on the sidewalk. Whut?!

It seems Thing One was having a hard time deciding which gas station to use when she pulled out of the driveway of her buddy's house. Finally deciding the filling station behind her was closer she attempted to do a u-turn. But the wheel base was too wide to complete the turn without either making it a y-turn or using the sidewalk. She chose the sidewalk just in time to see the cop car at the curb just ahead of her.

It also seems the officer spent a lot of time trying to figure out what to write a ticket for. He chose, according to him, the lowest offense as he didn't want to mess up her good driving record on Thanksgiving. It's still a $50 fine. We are giving thanks and would like to remind everyone that if you don't like the way she drives, stay off the sidewalk.



  1. And a Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Officer...

  2. They're hard up for money and have to show who's boss even in Seattle. But we can sure be grateful that the cop is serving the citizens by protecting against sidewalk drivers.
    She may be the only person we will ever know to get a ticket for driving on the sidewalk.
    I'd go to court and plea not guilty. Chances are he wouldn't show up.