Saturday, April 16, 2011

Infinite Possibilities

Under the city of Seattle is the tunnel built for public transportation. It is dry here when it is raining up above. That is how I found the tunnel, looking for a dry place to wait for the bus. This week the tunnel became a little of a metaphor. Or at least it added to an idea that has taken the forefront of my brain space lately.

"There are infinite paths to happiness. Don't sweat it."
Me ~ 2011

There are six different buses all going downtown at ten minute intervals each - every weekday morning. Of those, I chose one, the one that is right in front of me. There is no need to wait for the next bus, even on principle, it is the same as this bus. I have umpteen connections I can make once I reach downtown. I can take a bus, or the light rail. I can walk a block or two to make a quicker connection, or to not make a quicker connection (sometimes its cool to just hang around). In the end, there are three different bus routes that swing past my workplace. After all the options, and routes, timetables and cityscapes, it is one of three buses that will deliver me to the door of where I work. Most weeks I cannot catch the same driver twice. Traffic changes everyday. Timetables are guidelines only. It is an infinite mix of possibilities.

And so it is with life.


  1. I just love tunnels for some reason!

  2. I hope that when it's busy it isn't The Tunnel of Shove :-)

  3. I've not heard that one before. Tunnel o Shove. Good one. Thx!

  4. Seattle seems a bit Melancholy to me...Is this about right or do you feel a great connection?

  5. I've got The Great Connection.

    But, then, Bobby, I've lived in San Fransisco, San Diego, Des Moines, Iowa and little ol' Janesville, Wisconsin...San Fransisco would be home ( I connected there too), it was just too expensive. Seattle is affordable...and calm...and cozy but with a life.