Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Finding my Child Pose

There is a time as yoga class starts when we each sit comfortably on our mats and the instructor talks us down from our day.  The goal and the hope is that we will be able to clear our minds and focus on the moment.  Our instructor on Tuesday wanted to remind us to show up for our practice.

Let me introduce Instructor Ann.  Instructor Ann is no more talkative than any other instructor.  What she does have though is keen insight and droll humor.  Ann makes many references during class to various life teachers and several references to Saturday Night Live skits.  Ann knows her pop culture, and she knows how to apply it for quality insight.  Ann understands her audience.

On Tuesday as Instructor Ann reminded us to be-here-now she adds, "let me refer you to Jon Kabat-Zinn and his book, Arriving at Your Own Door.  Let us each arrive here in class.  Come in to yourself.  Today let's not work ourselves into a posture, but let's allow ourselves to arrive into these postures today.  You may enjoy the book, Arriving at Your Own Door.  It is excerpts from Coming to Our Senses.  Or there's Jon's other book, Wherever You Go, There You Are.  Maybe you have heard of that one."

Ann's voice trailed off in my head.  I was considering the first half of what she had presented.The idea of arriving at my own door came alive, the vignette played out in my head instantaneously.  While Ann was chatting away about books and familiarity I was mentally looking from the inside of my own home (mental home) screen door because a little face had popped up from the outside of the door (mentally, it's all mental)  cheerily sing-song-ing, "I'm here!" How very interesting;  I had arrived.  From Ann's perspective I had my eyes closed, seated in contemplation like the rest of the class.  And if she had been watching she would have seen the sudden happy smile open across my face.  

In my head this cheery little face was still waiting outside my screen door.  "I'm here!"  I wanted to laugh out loud.  Because there I was, just outside my own screen door like a little girl come over to play on a summer day.  "I'm here!"  I said to myself a third time.  So I finally answered, "Get in here.  It's time to play!"  The screen door creaks open and flings shut.  Time for the opening stretch.

It was a play date yoga class on Tuesday.

Child's Pose 
Robert P. Hedden
(used without permission)

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