Thursday, April 14, 2016

Flexibility & a Monkey Mind

As in all things in this lifetime flexibility is key to happiness.  This weeks lessons appear to be in flexibility and clearing the "Monkey Mind".

Thursday my mother went into the local Emergency Room with apparent stroke or heart issues.  And while it appears the stroke may have gotten her to seek care, it is the ekg and her heart that provided her a ride to a hospital forty minutes away to see a cardiologist.  Mom stabilized and returned home on Saturday.
(Staff Pose)

But Wednesday (one day previous) my daughter called me to let me know she is going to be a mom herself.  This is the one child that is not married.  Go figure.  All children are love children. (Child's pose and breathe)

The Sunday before that (yes, this is my week in reverse order) my married daughter called to discuss marriage and what it takes and to ask how long one has to stay in a marriage that is not up to her liking.
(Warrior 1 pose) 
My answer is, only as long as both partners are working to make it better. No babies are involved here.  I'm allowed to feel this way.

Yesterday (jump both hands forward and hold a forward bend) mother was back in the Emergency Room with severely elevated blood pressure (214/80).  This is truly scary.  The adrenaline rush of worrying about my mother half a continent away lasted several hours before I got the 'all clear' text.  This morning I booked a flight for an extended visit.

My bus was late yesterday.  The Link Light Rail System was delayed.  And finally the Sounder Commuter Train creeped along the tracks rather than clipped along as usual. It seems the universe is telling to assume a deep seated relaxation pose as the trip home was extended.  I arrived at my final commuter stop too late to join my usual yoga class.  I was glad for the out-of-class pose.  I am so used to clearing my Monkey Mind every night after work  that all this information has taken an entire week to catch up to me.


  1. Sorry about your mom. Hope she is recovering nicely.

  2. Thank you, Ron. We're keeping an eye on her.