Saturday, March 15, 2014

Raining and stuff and exercise

It is raining again. I actually live just outside a rain forest here in the Great NorthWet. Regardless of my proximity it certainly feels that there has been a torrential amount of rain this year. I expect rain. I have no issue with that. Having moved here from the midwest I absolutely appreciate that one does not need to shovel rain as one does for snow. Rain has the other advantage of reminding me that if it is rain it is too warm outside right now for snow or hail or frost or any other of the cold indicators. It is raining again. I have set up an office here at the house. I am sitting at my desk even now to type this blather. On the other side of the room is the sewing area. Every afternoon a little more gets done in this office. A little more gets me closer to being able to work on those projects I have set aside. Last night I opened a box to find projects I have not worked on in over six years. That was dismaying as well as exciting. I stopped at the storage unit today to bring home two more crafting/sewing boxes. I am ready to unpack a few more goodies. It feels good. I already know my manuscript is sitting in the box at the bottom (only three deep) I'm not ready to work on that yet. I've been feeling a different kind of creativity than the book. I need something more tactile. The sewing projects will fill the bill nicely. We actually went to the storage unit today to drop off an entire pick-up truck of stuff we will be selling this spring at a yard sale. There is just too much stuff to house in the garage while we wait for better weather. Too much stuff. We are stacking all this unwanted stuff in the storage unit to take on the musky scent of neglect before we sell it. I'm hoping this sad musty smell reminds us to not bring any of this stuff back in the house. Thing is there is some good stuff in these boxes of things to sell. The ice skates are practically brand new. The silk flowers are still chic. The home decor is still in style. We just have too much stuff. I hung photos on the walls of my office last weekend. I lined the room at 27 1/2" from the ceiling. There is a line of framed photos running all the way around the walls of my office. For all the photos that I hung I still have twice that many I don't know where to hang. I have considered filling in the walls with photos. Some photos are people I love. Some are people I know. Some are places I have been. And then I have my clock collection. I did not mean to have a clock collection. It just became that way. I was given clocks, or I bought ones I liked, and now I have many clocks and I like all of them. When they are put together it looks as if I sought out clocks intentionally. I wish my intentions had been so chic. I am of the stumble chic variety. I stumble upon it and it works for a short time. We did bring my exercise bike back from storage. I have been missing it. We have the treadmill already. I have been using this treadmill. I miss my bike. So the bike is now sitting in the garage. I don't mind going out there to use it. I like to get out of the house. Maybe I can open a box to find my old CD player so that I may hook that up out there too and have the work-out room I have been dreaming of lately. I wouldn't mind stumbling onto that too.

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