Monday, April 7, 2014

People in Our Lives

Lately quite a few interesting people have been showing up in my life. It is amazing the life moments we accumulate. I have met an Olympic Gold Medalist (1984), Matt Dryke. And I have met an Elk Whisperer. I have met motivational speakers. One has a saying, "There are no victims, only volunteers." that will stay with me for quite a while.

I have a train buddy that I've been chatting with most mornings. Some mornings we all stay in our separate corners - often it is safer that way at 5:45 a.m. My train buddy was gone for a week. I'm sorry I didn't ask about her until Wednesday that week. I was informed she is working up at the Oso Mudslide. Isn't it interesting that someone can wear every day a Red Cross jacket, every day, but I don't connect the dots until life is happening around me?

When my train buddy returned the next week, and we've chatted on and off these last two weeks, I learned that this is what she does for vacation. Tracy was there for Hurricane Sandy too. She saves up her vacation pay for times like these.

Me: This is what you do for vacation?

Her: If I took a real vacation my kids would want to come too.

Of course she is a mom, why hadn't I considered that in the mix?

I take people at face value. If there is something I need to know about anyone I hope someone pipes up and tells me. My imagination isn't big enough for all this reality.

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