Monday, June 25, 2012

Twisted sister

It's been an amazingly long time since I've posted. Life has been good. Ive been spending amazing times with my love interest. We spent February and March clamming. April and May was spent mostly cooking. Then May and June riding his motorcycle to places I've had on my list to visit since I arrived in Washington. I now own a pair of leather chaps. That in itself is pretty exciting. So with all these field trips (he took me to the foot of Mt Rainier) it is not without a little frustration to find myself red shirted with an avulsion fracture to my ankle. And to beat all, I twisted my ankle at the bus stop waiting for the bus to take me home this last Friday night. For all the crazy things I do, I end up in the emergency department for merely twisting my ankle. My appointment to meet the orthopedist is tomorrow. Seems some ligaments may have more damage than I care to admit. A friend picked me up at the emergency room Friday night. My love interest stayed with me Saturday and got me fed and packed up on Sunday before I moved in with some other friends in this north county. Another friend will be taking me to my appointment tomorrow. I am surrounded with all the love and care one can find in life. PS: learning to walk with crutches is like eating the first time with chopsticks. Extremely ungraceful. But full of laughter.

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  1. get well quick! Good to hear you are surrounded by friends!"HUGS"