Thursday, June 23, 2011


It would help getting dressed in the morning if I actually replaced the lightbulb that sputtered out on Monday morning. I keep forgetting that the lightbulb is nons electricus until I get up each morning. With the Solstice it is light outside until 10 pm or so (okay...9:45 pm) so I don't notice or remember to pillage the closet for lightbulbs until I am in the middle of the morning beat-the-clock mode.

To my credit, or not, it took until 9:30 this morning to realize the reason my pants fit funny is they are not the pants I had intended to wear. It also goes to show how much I really look at myself. Not much. This is a perfectly darling outfit when I have my chocolate brown slacks on. It's just kind of Seattle funky in these black kickers. Yes, I wore the wrong color combination of clothing today.

It's one of those days that one needs to hold one's head up, stride with purpose and pretend one intended to dress this way. (I DO TOO dress myself, says the three year old with pride.)

Note to self: Replace lightbulbs FIRST, then you can have dinner, or go play...


  1. haha! I know the feeling! (I meant to do that!)..I once got dressed in the dark and discovered my exercise pants fit really strangely, and on walking into the bathroom found out I had them on!
    Good luck finding those light bulbs!

  2. I'm glad I wear company-supplied clothes, although I have put on, or tried to put on a shirt the wrong way 'round or inside out...
    I also lay out my clothes the night before so I don't have to decide what to wear :-)

  3. Sounds like similar dressing issues my beloved wife has from time to time..

    Have a great weekend buddy!