Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time to Run

I run on Saturday. I run the 1/2 marathon on Saturday.

Last night and tonight I went to a local gym and got my heart rate up on machines that created no impact for my feet. I am doing this run with a rather petulent case of Plantar Faciitis. There are several reasons why I don't belong to a gym. I offered to pay a "day rate" to use their machinery for a couple days to stay in shape until the run. They offered me a two week free pass. I kept my money. I'm glad I have. The machinery is jerky; not smooth at all. The place has poor air flow and feels stuffy no matter which machine I use. I didn't plan on joining after my two week free trial. At least now I don't have to change my mind.

After work today I stopped at the Exhibition Hall in the stadium and picked up my race number and timing chip. I'm in corral number 36 of 39 corrrals. This means I really am slow. Just so it's noted here...I never said I'm fast. Just showing up I'm as good as at the finish line already.

I should, by now, have all my gear packed and myself ready to go to the Appreciation dinner after work tomorrow, the hotel after that and the race (at 4 a.m.) on Saturday. I do not have all my gear together. I am not packed. I am not ready to meet all the deadlines that will be looming as my work day ends tomorrow. I have one more store run to pick up the heavy duty over the counter pain killers. I have laundry (my work out clothes so people will still stand near me) in the dryer and my Race Day paperwork and bib are sitting out because I don't know where I want to pack it so it is sacred safe (know what I mean?)

Enough playing around here on line. I have stores to go spend money at, and dryers to peek into and sacred suitcase pockets to find. You all have a good weekend. I'm off on an adventure.

I am so surprised at me.

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  1. Good going to hang in there through all this. It is a big deal. I hoe your feet survived and that you finished all in one piece.