Monday, June 7, 2010

Finish Lines

We're coming onto the end of training for the marathon. This is called The Taper. It means all the training, the long run, the practises are all done - now is just running to stay on top. Coach Jeff says, "Respect the Taper" - he means no more pushing oneself to do more. A team mate says, "The hay is in the barn." Meaning it's all ready.

I'm feeling anxious and excited and I want to do one more long run, I want to add 15 minutes onto each of the runs scheduled this week. But, here I sit...respecting the coaches' wisdom.

Fund-raising is winding down too. Anyone have a couple dollars they want to throw my way? I'm so close to the minimum required that every dollar counts. Let's pop it over $2,500 for kicking cancer's butt. Go Team!

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