Friday, April 20, 2012

Better than a Field Trip - Marine Biology

The beach was full, absolutely full of starfish.  They were all lazing around in the sun, turning pink, waiting for the tide to come back in.  I didn't have any starfish sun screen on me.  They should have brought their own if they are going to laze about on the beach. 

I really had to watch my step.  The Sand Dollars were thick as thieves.  I have never been in the presence of so many sand dollars.  Still alive.  Living, moving purple disks, with wiggly anemone bodies.  The sand dollar beds are just below the surface of the sand.  In the first photo, just above the shadow of my personal photographer is a sand dollar bed.  I don't know if it's possible to zoom in.  If so, there are dark cresents just peeking above the sand.  Those are the edges of sand dollars.  They are at least three deep in these beds.
 I don't think I will ever feel bad about picking up sand dollars again.  They live in great harem's on top of each other, thousands thick.
Sun burnt starfish

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